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  • SIN

    "This is a hard pill to swallow"

    Sin separates us from god (Isa. 59:2). All sin results in judgment - the payoff is death and eventually, the Great White Throne Judgment. (Rom 1:24-32; 6:23; 1 Cor. 6:9-10; and Gal. 5:19:21).
    Revelation 21:8 and 22:15 provide a comprehensive picture of those who are damned for all eternty. 

    They are...

    The Fearful - those who do not accept Christ to escape being ridiculed (Matthew 10:31)
    Unbelievers - those who do not believe in and receive the Lord Jesus Christ(John 8:24)
    The Abominable - those who engage in wicked practices. (Titus 1:16)
    Murderers - those who kill others or hate. (1 John 3:15)
    Whoremongers - those who engage in fornication or consort with prostitutes. (Eph. 5:5-8)
    Sorcerers - those who practice witchcraft, demonism, and follow after the occcult. Sorcery comes from the Greek word pharmakeia, meaning "enchantment with drugs."
    thus, drug users and even pushers are included in the guilty verdict for judgment.
    Idolaters - those who worship or reverence anyone or anything other than the living and true
    Liars - (John 8:44)
    Dogs - false professors (2 Peter 2:21,22)
    Homosexuals - (Romans 1:18-32)
    The Unrighteous - those who trust in self, works, a false religious system, or mere "religion" for salvation. (Titus 3:5)
    Fornicators - those who engage in premarital and extramarital sex (1 Cor. 6:9,14-18).
    The Wicked - those who disreqard all morality and moral standards.
    The Covetous - those who desire all things for themselves, especially that which belongs to others (Eph. 5:5-8).
    The Malicious - those who willfully seek to destroy the person and property of others (James 1:26).
    The Envious - those resentful of others.
    Debaters - those who would rather argue with god than accept His truth.
    Deceivers - those who purposely mislead or betray others. (2 Tim. 3:13)
    Malingners - those who speak evil of, defame, or slander others (James 3:2-3).
    Whisperers - those who gossip.
    Backbiters - those who constantly find fault with others and speak maliciously about them. 
    Haters of God.
    Despisers - those filled with contemp toward God and man.
    The Proud - those possessing an excessively high opinion of themselves.
    Boasters - those who exalt self.
    Inventors of evil things.
    The disobedient to parents.
    Those without understanding - (resulting from unconcern or rejection of the truth.
    Covenant Breakers - those who do not keep their word.
    Those whose affections are contrayr to the laws of God and nature.
    The Implacable - those exibiting extreme stubbornness to the point of refusing to yeild to the convicting power of the Holy Spirit (Proverbs 1:24-28; Acts 7:51,52).
    The Unmerciful - those who lack compassion (Eph. 4:32)
    Adulterers - those who practice extramarital sex (1 Cor. 6:9,10).
    The Effeminate - generally younger persons in the process of becoming homosexuals or sodomites.
    Abusers of themselves with mankind - hardened homosexuals (Gen. 19:5)
    Thieves - (1 Cor. 6:9)
    Drunkards - those given to and overcome by alcohol (Prov. 20:1; 23:20,21; Luke 21:34; Romans 13:13; 1 Cor. 6:10; Gal. 5:19-21; Eph. 5:18).
    Revilers - those who use abusive or contemptuous language.
    Extortioners - those who exact money from or take advantage of others through thorugh violence, threats, or misuse of authority.
    Persons who have practiced these sins, then, and who are still contaminated by the guilt of them, because they have not come to Christ, will be the ones judged before the Great White Throne.

    Is There Hope? 

    And such were some of you... but ye are justified in the name of 
    the Lord Yahushua (Jesus), and by the Spirit of out God (1 Cor. 6:11; 1 John 1:7; John 3:17).
    there is not a sin that can keep a true believer out of heaven. God's Word clearly states that some Christians will be saved "so as by fire." They lose everything except their salvation. Because of it they will b "ashamed" in Christ's presence (1 John 2:28). If believers were left behind at the Rapure because of some sin in their lives, who would the ashamed be at that investigative session? Rewards are lost because of disobedience and disobedience is sin 
    (Romans 5:19; James 4:17).