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    Attempted Assassination / COUP Attempt on President Donald Trump

    Email Chain Between VP Mike Pence and Paul Ryan



    The Paul Ryan, Mike Pence assassination, coup email chain. Says it all!

    Why would they risk hijacking a National Presidential Election?

    As you will recall, Pence got a letter in his brochure at the funeral and many were wondering why?


    As you will recall, Pence got a letter in his brochure at the funeral and many were wondering why?


    An email chain from one of the project managers of a website Pence-Ryan 2016 campaign

    ticket that was called off after Trump won his second debate. Obtained by


    Remember when the 9 Scalia children were mentioned when Trump gave the Medal of Freedom Awards at the

    White House and the former Judge Scalia was among them.

    Many people didn't realize that "message" was meant for these traitors as Trump had been trolling them.

    Their messages were still open and not secure.




    President Trump jokes with Scalia's 'busy' widow, 9 kids at Medal of Freedom ceremony



    Is this Deb Fischer?

    an American politician serving as the senior United States Senator from Nebraska since 2013.

    Prior to that, she served two terms in the Nebraska Legislature, representing a rural district in the Sandhills.

    She is a member of the Republican Party.





    GOP Rules here,

    Rule 9 page 8



    This from American Digital News from 2017


    As the election nominee process evolved on the Republican side, the RINOs and NeverTrumpers were apoplectic at the thought Trump might actually win the nomination and with General Flynn as a VP they knew their days would be numbered in single digits. Then how did Trump end up with Mike Pence, a Globalist, as his running mate?


    If you think Pence is loyal to Trump you probably don’t even know about the Cleveland Deal made just before the Republican National Convention. Oathkeeper NavyJack @USNJack shares, “There are a LOT of NEO-CONs in the cabinet (Pompeo, Coats, Haley, Perry, Cohn, Preiebus, etc.). All of them came with the Pence/Cleveland Deal. Paul Ryan was about to change the rules to allow delegates to vote however they wanted on the first ballot. Trump would not have been nominated.”

    So how could Ryan alone change it? The rules had to be voted on by delegates. NavyJack shares, “And they would have voted for it had Ryan allowed it to come to a vote. He did not because of the deal.”

    Did the Cleveland Deal include Pence/Ryan picking Trump’s cabinet for first year?

    So, Trump picks Pence in July and by October the Globalist (DEMs, RINOs, NeverTrumpers, etc) are in a panic. Trump is gaining ground on the Globalist pick – Hillary Clinton. Time is running out and their options are limited. So Pence and Ryan continue to connive:

    Pence and Ryan were not on the Republican ballot at all so you must be wondering why they would be discussing hijacking a national presidential election.

    It might be because they already knew some of their past sins were well known and discussed by the Trump Election team. By this time, they were already aware Hillary’s lead was slipping dramatically and most Bernie Sanders fans were not about to vote for Hillary.

    What options did they have to sway voters and ensure the globalist plan continued to move forward as many of their financial backers insisted?

    So, Chase got busy after securing the guys under non-disclosure to make a purse out of pig’s ears, well, a Pence-Ryan 2016 website from a napkin.

    So in August of 2017 when the American Digital News article was written, it was put forth. You decide if they are real.

    What do you think of Paul Ryan's actions you have seen? What about Pence and his connection with Pam Bondi of Florida?


    Didn't Fox News just pick up Paul Ryan? That's rather interesting!



    Here is the video report

    The Sordid Story of Pence and Ryan Did they Really call it off? Why risk hijacking an election?


    archived emails,

    Pence-Ryan website

    Site domain info for Pence Ryan Ticket 2016

    Domain info archived in case it ever disappears from the original source

    More information on the Blue House here on a board on Voat called PedogateFullExposure.

    Feel free to submit your own information you find on pedogate on this board.

    More information on Ryan here.